The Piutes Set-up Weekend!

Those sections don't just build themselves, you know. This Saturday and Sunday, April 26 and 27, join Don Copeland as he crafts 8 or so quintessentially Piute Mountain sections. Either day, both days, big bike or small, just come on out! Plenty of mountain camping and big bike riding to be had, coupled with the warm fuzzy feeling of being that most noble exemplar of humanity: The Section Builder.Ah, the hand-crafted virgin section. Go build one yourself. This weekend.


Are you going to the Piutes?

This guy is!

The Big Feets Trials Club is hosting the final round of the SCTA Championship. The ever popular Cinco de Trialo on May 4th. Grab the flyer and check the Special Events on Saturday May 3rd. Supercross under the stars. Rally Racing up the Mountain Roads. Then Sunday, epic trials at a very unique venue. So please come out and support the Big Feets crew and all the land owners who provide us access to this trials wonderland. See you there!


The Results are In.. (again)

Hi all, results from El Trial, on the results page. Great pictures (taken by my son, no less,) on the Photos page. And more Piutes info than you can shake a stick at, coming at you all week long!Haaker, getting style points, as Clive Hannon looks on.


Piutes! Cinco De Trialo!

Cinco de Trialo, AND Supercross Party? Yep. Your Flier is in the mail. Or, better yet, download one HERE.


El Trial: Next Gen.

Watch out. That sound you hear is the kids coming up from behind. Big huge thanks to Tori and Joseph Carillo for setting up El Trial Jr. I know the kids had a blast!


There was this other kid, only slightly older, too. Really impressed more than a few people. And this was the REAL El Trial. Such a great ride, Ty!




El Trial. The 44th Edition. So very nice. Lots more pictures and commentary, throughout the week.

Cody Webb, cleaning up.

PS: Welcome new riders!


El Trial, Day Two

Get on out here, amigos! Cody Webb and more.


Even the Loop is Flowy!!

The loop goes this way, then that. Up, then down. And always keeps you smiling.
Oh that Marcus Miller- not only a true gentleman and trials master supreme, but the man can flat-out tag a great course. Come check out his magic at El Trial, today and tomorrow.