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Keyesville Kool

Keyesville. Cool, Beautiful Keyesville. Our northernmost venue beckons. The photo above shows my friend Peter Croft, or "Crofty" if you will, attaking one of one million perfect trials rocks in the area. Make plans now for riding this special event. Plan on spending the weekend of April 26th in the southern Sierras with me and Crofty riding the Keyesville Trial. Help set up the weekend before and on Friday prior to the trial. Help if you can. I will see you there. I cannot wait! 

PSST! This just in! Results from the Shamrock trial are posted!


California Dreaming...Oh Wow!

True that. If you rode today, you know the perfection the California desert can offer. Oh Wow is right! What a fine trial the Plonkers put together. Awesome weather. Awesome loop. And oh wow, what great sections. The Saturday fire and fireworks made the evening just about perfect. Thanks Plonkers, what terrific weekend I had a blast!



Cougar Buttes: Update!

All good. Thanks, Russ. Keep it toasty.


What's on YOUR fridge?

Or like CharliE says, what's around yer neck? Maybe one of these wonderful commemorative dogtags? If you come on out to the plaques on the adventure ride, or even come up the easy way, you'll get one.

 Says CharliE:

You can also check out the famous Plonkers plaques AND get your cool laser etched dogtag WITHOUT having to beat yourself up on the Adventure Ride. How? Ride the "back way" trail in, park your bike and simply walk the last quarter mile. Then share in the gala festivities! Come on, you know you want to. Then of course there's the primo finisher magnets. Your fridge/ice chest/tool box needs some bling, and now!The aptly decorated bardahut fridge. It's what OUTSIDE that counts.

Always room for one more magnet. Available only at the end of loop 3, at the Shamrock Trial.



Seriously. The Shamrock trial is coming right up, this very weekend. Sections set, loop in place, and the weather promises to be nothing short of spectacular. (maybe a bit warm, but it's the desert, of course it's warm)

A Couple of notes- That Saturday adventure ride? Well, it is just that- an adventure, and while it's open to all, it's definitely a big-boy ride, with some pretty serious ups, downs, and everything else. I wouldn't miss it, but hey- just be ready.Why, it's Todd Bennett, auxillary gas tank and all, getting over one of life's obstacles.

Also, we don't have the online sign up for this event, so bring your cash or checks for actual event sign up, the morning of the trial.

Finally, this is an AMA-Sanctioned, competitive event. BRING YOUR AMA LICENSE. It's the rules, and what the AMA requires. As I often say, 'Bring it'.


Ty Cullins Rocks Daytona

Ty Cullins just won his pro heat in endurocross at Daytona! Right on Ty!


The real deal.

OK. The color flier is pictured below. The Very cool black and white flier is in the publishing process, so clear an area on your refrigerator, and watch your mailboxes.The final. Good thing I get paid by the hour. Ha. Seriously, I don't. Get paid.


Enough of this Happy Stuff!

First off, we have now posted the season standings! Find them on our results page, along with all the wonderful SCTA archives. The races are really getting tight, right at the top of the classes. Season is more tham half over, so suck it up and bring it on. in a few short weeks, plan your weekend thusly:About time I featured one of SoCal's best and brightest, Brad Hannon.So, hear me now and beleive me later: Happy is out. Shamrock's in. Circle of life, baby. Round 7. Lucerne.