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Results? We got those.

Why, we DO have the results, we do! All thanks to the quiet Clubman, Erik Mattson. This guy just continues to impress. All due to Erik's hard work, we have over on our Competition and Results tab, not only the results from round 3 and 4, but also the standings to date! I for one, cannot thank him enough.

Just one more way this volunteer-supported sport continues to thrive.The silent assasin, Erik Mattson hitting Section 6, while SDTR Trials Master Mark Miller looks on.

And moving on, we have The Big Wood Trial in Keyesville, Sunday December 6. I love all our trials, and this venue is no different. Just above the ever-shrinking lake Isabella (seriously, stop watering your lawn!), this is one of the few places we ride with real-life log crossing. So very 'On Any Sunday'. Great camping, easy access, and only a quick burrito and coffee-fueled trip up highway 99. Get there Friday or Saturday for the full immersive experience. Download a flier and post it everywhere. I challenge you to drop 10 of these bad boys off at your local moto-shop. Heck, take some to the bike shop too! All two wheelers welcome.


Stay tuned here for all the details. And once more: THANK YOU, Erik!


Round 3, Round 4: Done and Done!

And done with style! and fun, and awesome weather, super fresh twisty loop, crazy poker card playing antics, shooting stars, kids trial, and even chocolate ice cream. Big thanks to SDTR and their whole crew for a first-class trial. Huge shout out to the Corrillo's for the way fun kids trial.
We'll get the results up soon, and more pictures of course.

Here's some of my faves though:The kids are alright. Score: Girls 5, boys 2. The future is looking bright.

Gabriel was rippin' the push bike!Note how the bling just WORKS. Skyler and the ever-present smile.

Oh, we had moto-bikes also! Almost forgot!


We're Here!!

Hope you are too. McCain is beautiful! Sun is up, and camp is hopping.
Get your motor running,
Head out on the highway...


two days until two days.

Well, here we are. Two days until San Diego Trials Riders present the two-day Double-Down Trial, at McCain Valley. We haven’t had an SCTA Trial in this area for several years, and I’m super happy to be visiting there again. Camping is flat and spacious, the rocks are big and slabby, and the terrain is gentle hills, meaning the loop will be a hoot.

This is two separate trials, with championship points being awarded each day. You would NOT want to miss this weekend!

Please visit our events page for any late-breaking news, and we’ll be posting updates from the field as we are able.

See you at McCain, Saturday and Sunday the 14th and 15th.

-Damon B


Shout Out.

Happy Veteran's Day, 2015.Zac Mott, USMC. Marine, rider, poster-boy!

Please note!!! This is LAST YEAR'S Flier. Just sharing, today only. But if you feel like riding today, by all means, go for it. And thank a vet.


Also, make sure you pack warm for THIS weekend, at McCain.



Romo? Did someboday say Romo?

Hmmm, lemme see... NEXT weekend will be a two-day affair, at the Double Down. So, you better be all practiced up, gassed up, and ready for FEET up. No better way to do that, than to head on out to Romoland THIS Sunday morning. I'll be there, and if you're looking for a little of that riding time, then so should you.

Hey- if you do come out, bring a trash bag, and fill it up. It takes a whole village of us trials riders to clean up after the yeehaws that leave all their trash up there. Goons.

See you Sunday, and then again, see you next weekend at McCain.Somedays, it even rains at Romoland. Not this Sunday. Bill Merritt, in the wet.


Who's That Girl?

Dang, she climbs walls like Batman! That girl is PROUDLY featured on our latest flier for the SDTR Double-Down Trial, in McCain Valley!

Get it, girl.Yes, that is one BAD-ASS rock. No worry, Gabby has it under control.


Where were you?

We had 13 trucks and 17 riders out there today. Everyone getiing ready for the SDTR Two day. Had a great ride with all my friends. Even the North LA and Ventura County crowd showed up to sample a littler SR Love. An awesome day with great riders. Thanks everyone!